Bike Inner Tube Size Information

All sizing information is on the sidewall of your existing tire. Look for the number that matches one of the formats in the image.


We recommend using ISO/ERTO, as it is the most common. If you have an older bike you may need to use one of the other formats.

What type of valve does your bike tube have?

Schrader Valve

Commonly found on bikes in the United States. The Schrader valve is the same as you would find on a automobile. Just attach pump and inflate. Valve will open with external air pressure and close automatically. A plastic dust cap prevents grime from entering, but is not necessary to prevent pressure loss. 

Presta Valve

The Presta valve (aka the French valve or Sclaverand valve) has a smaller diameter which makes it possible to have narrow rims while maintaining sufficient strength in the wheel. The nut at the top of the valve must be loosened (not removed) to inflate or deflate the tube and then and then tightened to prevent the valve from opening. A plastic dust cap prevents grime from entering, but is not necessary to prevent pressure loss. 

Dunlop / Woods Valve

The Dunlop valve (aka the Woods valve) is fairly uncommon in the United States. Mostly found on bikes from Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and European countries. To inflate, do not unscrew the valve, just attach a Presta compatible pump. Unscrewing the valve from the valve stem will quickly release the air in the tube. A plastic dust cap prevents grime from entering, but is not necessary to prevent pressure loss. We do not stock Dunlop/Woods tubes and recommend replacing them with a Schrader type tube. The button below will take you to the Schrader replacement page. 

Select your bike tube valve type above stocks authentic, high-quality bicycle inner tubes for most size bicycle tires. Your order will ship within 24 hours and arrive in three days or less. 

The above video illustrates how Schwalbe makes their Tires & Bike Tubes. The part of the video that discusses the bike tube manufacturing process starts at the 9:22 minute mark.


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Why do we recommend Schwalbe bike inner tubes?

Most bicycle tubes are predominantly made of Butyl rubber. Butyl is a very elastic and airtight synthetic rubber. As with tires, other fillers are necessary to make up the rubber compound. The quality of a bike tube can vary significantly depending on what what the rubber compound is comprised of and how it is manufactured. Schwalbe tubes have extremely high air retention and elasticity which allows the tubes to fit a wide range of different tire sizes.

There is a difference between heat molded and autoclave tubes. Vulcanizing in a mold improves the uniformity of wall thickness, thus reducing weight and improving air retention. Schwalbe tubes have always been made using the heat molding process. This is one of the reasons that Schwalbe tubes hold air longer and provide stronger puncture protection.

Every bike tube needs a valve, which is bonded to the tube during the vulcanizing process. Schwalbe bike tube valve stems look a little different, because they are. Nickel plated stems, with a removable inner valve in both presta and schrader types.

All Schwalbe bike tubes are inflated and stored for 24 hours to test for air retention. Afterwards, every tube is carefully checked individually by visual inspection. The Schwalbe tube has been valued by bicycle dealers and customers who know that although the tube is hidden inside your bike tire, it is a critical part that needs to be of the highest quality in order to be dependable and function under extreme conditions and provide many miles of service. – Your Go-To Source for High-Quality Bicycle Inner Tubes!